To Be Placed on the Security Notification E-mail List

From time to time, the peace in Cornerstone Place is disturbed. Constables hired by the Cornerstone Place Homeowners Association Board notify the Board when there is a security issue of one sort or another. Some residents want to be placed on an e-mail list so they too will be notified.

To be placed on such a list--or to get a message to the Board, fill in the blanks on the form below. In order to make sure that this information is going to to Cornerstone Place residents only, we ask that you fill in your name and address in addition to giving your e-mail address.

Use the Comments area to write your request to be on the Security Notification e-mail list. You can put any other question or comment in that area too.

Click on the Submit button. An e-mail from you opens and displays your responses. Click on Send to send the information to the Webmaster.

For some reason, the Internet Explorer browser will not automatically include your responses in the e-mail it opens (Firefox and Google do include the responses). If this happens to you, please type your name, home address, e-mail address, and your request or question in the e-mail before sending it.

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